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released February 17, 2017

todas las canciones compuestas e interpretadas por sad pupper

producido por Juan Godfrid en Nepal Estudio



all rights reserved


sad pupper Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Track Name: videogames
being depressed is not that cool
i've spent a lot of nights thinking about your face
and crying, so deep in hate

well, girl,

that's how relationships end
this useless lack of sleep,
I'm just some kind of mistake

I know that this is my fault
everything that I have ever done
always went wrong

Oh, i've just made a fucking mess and I have left my momma cryin in the kitchen
Oh, how I wish I could be dead.

I spend my days inside my room playing videogames.
Track Name: honey
nena, no te maquilles tanto
estas tan linda con esos anteojos
y esa remera que huele a tony, pero no me importa
estas mejor desde que te fuiste con el

nena, no quise hacerte daño
cada sesión con mi terapeuta termina a los gritos
me quieren medicar
estoy mejor donde no me puedas encontrar
Track Name: morfina
dormir temprano
abril vegano

pastillas y alcohol
mentirle al doctor

y si me voy por las ramas de un arbol en coma
(pijama party en el hospital)

carreras de sillas de ruedas
pastillas disueltas en coca light

ahogado en morfina

Track Name: te voy a decepcionar
no pierdas tu tiempo conmigo

te voy a decepcionar

lo sé

siempre me pasa
Track Name: nico
y me escapé a verte hoy
Track Name: hills
I'm supposed to write about the past but the present is sad enough to cry
every time I step into the bus I can hear my organs screaming out loud

and I wont make a movement to try to change the way I'm living
so I hope my brother finds a rope to take me out the hole

and nicotine doesn't gives me calm no more
and I've been forgotten by my mom
Track Name: tristeza cálida
nena porque cuando estás feliz te odio?
quiero dormir, dejame en paz
Track Name: badú
badú se fue y ya nadie te va a devolver
todo lo que te quitó el chaltén
ya lo vas olvidar cuando

cuando comprendas como funciona la memoria
cuando comprendas como funciona el aire

todo lo que te costó aprender
no lo vayas a olvidar

solo porque que te duele el alma
y haces las cosas sin pensar
tal vez una mañana
badú aparezca

pero badú ya no va a volver
Track Name: marbles
she's a pretty cool student with a shiny future and a candy skin
I'm a fucked up kid with problems, girl, I hate my parents
I'm a piece of shit

I'm one of those guys who like to hurt themselves with painful things
and the only thing you seem to care about is wich colour you'll wear on your lips

there's no single way for me to fix my plans
and girl since you left I feel so tired

she's lookin better than a springtime flower when she floats like bubbles I forget I'm sick

I miss the boy who used to play with marbles
please can you light my candles
cause I can hardly see

I used to feel fine with less but now I'm scared about how much I need
And the only thing you seem to care about is to pray before you go to sleep

there's no single way for me to fix my plans
and girl since you left I feel so tired

so tired